Happiness You Need A Little Side Hustle!

Get happy faster

Generally speaking, I like to have my fingers in a few pies all at once. As well as working in a school for 30 hours a week, I’m also a local councillor, a volunteer, a part-time crafter, a mam and wife, and even a side-hustler. If you’ve never heard of a side-hustle before, it’s pretty much work you do on the side of your ‘real’ hustle.
Mine comes in a few forms – because clearly, I like to keep myself busy – and I’m going to suggest a few ways you could pick up a side hustle too! 

Sell your unwanted items eBay

 has been around longer than the beginning of time – or it feels that way at least – so you’ve no doubt used it before. While I use eBay as a novice and only list things occasionally when they offer free listings, I know people who buy things cheaply and sell for a profit on eBay.
You do need to look into setting up your own business page if you are buying things specifically to sell – but I reckon if you give yourself a good clear out you could easily make £1000 on items lying around the house. 


Do your own DIY

Working with your hands and something that is both personal and tangible is one of the surest ways to focus the mind and detract from all of those worries and anxieties for the future. It is a fact that keen gardeners and DIYers are on the whole 34% happier than the couch potato.

So what are you waiting for, either run down to B&Q and buy some paint to decorate your bedroom which let’s face it has seen better days or if you are lucky enough to have a garden look how you can improve it. Is the shed looking tired, does it need a new roof, it really is easy to learn how? Is the lawn patchy and in need of some TLC? Ther is so much happiness at your fingertips.

Too tired? Then try


Become a Virtual Assistant

This is actually something I am in the middle of setting up now! As a blogger and all-round savvy digital gal, I was asked by one of my friends to help them with their social media outreach for their business. What slowly started off as a steady Facebook and Instagram job, soon saw me redesigning websites and setting up newsletters for other local businesses.
 As I work term-time in a school, I am hoping to really set my VA business up before the summer holidays start and work on some bigger projects while I have the extra time. Keep your eyes open if you’ve been considering a VA for your own blog or business! More here.
Of course, the list of side hustles could go on for days, so I might have to do a ‘part 2’ to this list!
If you have a side hustle that’s on the more unusual side then I would love to hear about it!